UW's team with (left to right) Emmeline Vu, Alex Baker, Tyler Anderl, and Tara Ghassemikia are pictured top right visiting some temples in Bangkok, Thailand while competing in the Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge (TUBC) competition at Thammasat University.


The UW team featuring Jeremy Santos, Tod Bergstrom (coach), Deme Xenos, Anthony Li, and Taylor Jacobs winning the Spirit Award at Maastricht University's International Case Competition in the Netherlands!


GC3 (Global Case Competition Club) is a registered student organization at the University of Washington specialized in teaching and preparing students for case competitions on a local, national, and global level. We look to develop students in business research, strategy, and analytics as well as presentation skills and overall professionalism.

The Foster School of Business has sent teams to Thailand, Portugal, the Netherlands, and more in past years to compete in international case competitions. As we continue to build a presence in global competitions and look to send more teams abroad in this next year, we plan to pull students from GC3 to represent the business school.

In addition to global case competitions, GC3 will focus on promoting and preparing students for other case competitions domestically year round. 


GC3 will be recruiting in the fall and winter. Although we operate out of the Foster School of Business, all students are open to apply. The first round of the application process consists of filling out a Google form with a resume attached, followed by an in-person interview.  Many case competitions on campus are open to students from a variety of majors. Please note, however, that some case competitions, including all overseas case competitions, may only allow business school students to participate.


Each week will have a different focus, and over the course, we plan to cover topics such as presentation frameworks, powerpoint design, research approaches, and more. We'll touch upon industry trends and the most notable resources for research and design. We also will have various guest speakers and lecturers to lead workshops. 


Case competitions allow students to thrive in the business (specifically consulting) world. This is great exposure to real-world experience and allows the student to learn and develop in a different yet effective way.


Join our email list, come to our kickoff meeting on October 4th, and don't hesitate to reach out to our board if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you!